The Kinoscope is a french association existing since 2012. It’s a cultural and artistic association where everyone can express themselves. One of the projects of this association called La Thérapie du Dimanche (Sunday’s Therapy) takes place one Sunday per month in different places like apartments, gardens, public spaces, self-managed places… Each time, we create a friendly atmosphere to gather the public and the artists.

Sunday’s Therapy shows several kinds of art like live concert, happening, storytelling, exhibition (painting, photography, sculpture, art installation…), dance show, etc. And at the end of the event, everybody gathers around a film projection chosen and introduced by one of the Kinoscope’s members.

Each participant brings a good wine or some cheese to share with other people to make a participative bar.

Sunday’s Therapy is an original way to discover arts and creation. It’s a place where borders between artists and public no longer exist, a place where everyone can propose their creation, their art and share their point of view.


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